Welcome to JM Services and Supplies

At JM Services and Supplies we believe in small businesses supporting other small businesses by providing the services and supplies a business needs from the Start-up period to the Sustainment period. We call it the S2S formula; in which we offer small businesses customize services and supplies solutions to fit  the specific needs and budget of the business.

Whether you are in the idea phase or the first few months into your business there are certain processes that all business should ensure they take; at JM Services and Supplies the following start-up services are available:

Business Consultancy – From helping you create your business plan to marketing research.  Let us do the research for you, crunch the data and provide you with the information you will need in order to make the most effective decisions for your business to reach success.

Photography – Often overlooked but very instrumental in today’s modern world. Every business no matter the size boosts its presence to potential customers when they  have an online presence. Whether it be a head shot for a professional webpage to social media or your business website having  professional photos translates a polish and professional company.  There are various options to customize your needs to employees pictures on the company page, storefront image on your marketing tools to products.  First impression is a lasting impression . It is a hello before your future customer ever meet you.

Sustainment Services

Once you have your business established there’s certain services and supplies that you will need to continue your growth and help you maximize all of your budget. At JM Services and Supplies the following sustainment services are available:

HR Consultancy- Our company cover various Human Resources areas for small to medium size businesses who budget would benefit from external HR services rather than a full time employee. Selecting the services your company specifically needs with JM Services and Supplies  will allow you to save almost double (in most cases) in salary expenses. Our selections allows you to have what is needed to help your business continue day to day operations and allow you the owner to focus on your customers and the growth of your business.   With over 15 years of Human Resources experience                JM Services and Supplies understand that a business most important asset is its employees.

Janitorial Services- Often overlooked but very instrumental;  maintaining a clean environment for your customers and employees  has been linked to higher morale , less sick days and more productivity. Your business appearance is your customer first impression when they walk through your doors. At JM Services and Supplies we offer customize packages to fit your budget from a few days a week to daily cleaning to sustain a clean environment for your business.

Business Supplies – Day to Day supplies can often be dismissed until you realize those small trips to the big retail shops were adding up and your expense sheet is more than expected. At JM Services and Supplies we offer products from writing instruments to folders to desktop and file organizers- essential items to do the work needed. With a little pre-planning order to stock and save money on the long end. When the budget calls for more logistic purchasing versus the stop at the bigger stores get your supplies with us.